marie-claire featured in Huffington Post article

marie-claire has been featured in a Huffington Post article written by Celebrity manicurist, style writer and entrepreneur . The article, titled “Marie Claire Is Chasing Rainbows” was written 05/28/2013.

The author writes of marie-claire:

This songstresses, with her unique voice, shook my world when I first heard her work. Her music was unlike the beats that I am accustomed to but it was oddly familiar because I had heard it before in the tone of Ella Fitzgerald and in the sadness of Billie Holiday.

Another dear friend, former model and designer Lois Samuel, introduced me to this creature with a broken past who embodied healing powers that come from within the gift of her voice.

Marie Claire was born in Dominica West Indies and moved to the Bronx, N.Y., as a child. Due to her love of the two cultures, she has split her time between both places as an international performer. She is the force behind the song “Chasing Rainbows,” a piece she wrote as a memoir to her abused past and as a message for those who struggle with abuse to continue and share in her desire to survive.

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