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  • NEIGHBORHOOD REPORT: BRONX UP CLOSE — CITYPEOPLE; A Singer Who Fuses Rap and Opera and Gets Hip-Hopera

    marie-claire was featured in a June 25 2000 article by writer David Kirby titled “NEIGHBORHOOD REPORT: BRONX UP CLOSE — CITYPEOPLE; A Singer Who Fuses Rap and Opera and Gets Hip-Hopera” The article discussed marie-claire’s interest in fusing rap and opera to create a new musical genre.

    From the article – One might consider the musical pairing of, say, Antonio Vivaldi of Italy and the Wu-Tang Clan of Staten Island to be one wacky idea. But Marie-Claire Giraud, a classically trained singer raised in the Bronx, begs to differ. The 28-year-old mezzo-soprano, who can belt out a perfect French aria at the drop of a chapeau, is trying to introduce a brand-new musical style, an unlikely fusion of rap and opera that she calls hip-hopera.

    Though her lyrics are often dark, Ms. Giraud, a native of Dominica, is perpetually sunny. Currently making the rounds of major record labels, she arrives at company offices armed only with a winning smile and a little cassette. She breaks into song without notice, and the first few notes pierce the air with startling clarity.

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  • Songbird of the Nature Isle

    marie-claire was featured in a January 2008 article in Island Where magazine. The article, titled “Songbird of the Nature Isle” was written by journalist Mara Etienne-Manley. The article discusses how marie-claire discovered her passion for singing and her love for Opera.

    From the article (marie-claire telling the story about the night that opera found her) –

    “I was in New York City with my best friend Anna who worked for Polygram Records, and we went to open mike night at the Village Vanguard, where I was asked to sing. I had never sung before, and so I got drunk on tequila because I was very nervous.” Telling the story like it happened only the day before, Marie-Claire, or MC as she is affectionately called, speaks very quickly as if reminiscing about that fateful night for the very first time.

    “That night, I had an epiphany. After I sang, I did not want to do anything else- not eat nor drink. All I wanted to do was sing,” says the swarthy Geminian who learned to play the piano at age eleven.

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