marie-claire talks to CocoaFab about music and childhood abuse

In “marie-claire Talks Hip-Hopera, Overcoming Abuse, and Making Music to Live By,” marie-claire discusses the power of opera and hip-hop and how both music genres have inspired her to create what she has dubbed “hip-hopera”.

“I have always thought that there was nothing more powerful than opera music and on the flip side, there’s nothing more powerful than the beats of hip hop.”

marie-claire also discusses how music has helped her heal after years of childhood abuse and how she wants to talk to young people who have endured similar trauma, to let them know they can rise above their tortured past.

“Music is my lifeline. It’s my love. I want to talk to young people who have been through what I’ve been through and let them know that it doesn’t have to define you. Claim it and turn the negative into a positive.”

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